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Steinstahl 1045

STEINSTAHL 1045 Are medium carbon type steels are selected for uses where higher mechanical properties are needed. They are frequently hardened by heat treatment or cold work.

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Steinstahl 140

STEINSTAHL 140 is a chrome - molybdenum steels. It contains chromium which gives hardness and toughness to the steel, the molybdenum improves forging, machining and strength. Molybdenum also makes steel red hard and air hardening. Noted for high strength and hardness they are used for structural parts where welding is to be done.

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Steinstahl 337

STEINSTAHL 337 contains nickel, Together with the other alloying elements it improves fatigue failure, resistance to corrosion, toughness and impact properties. Nickel, chromium and molybdenum improve hardening characteristics of steel.

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